Toyota launches on the Brazilian market the flex line of the Hilux pick-up and sports utility SW4, equipped with the new Dual VVT-i Flex 2.7 16V DOHC engine specially developed for the Brazilian market. Three versions with this propulsion will be incorporated into the Hilux pick-up portfolio in the SR 4×2, SRV 4×2 and 4×4 configurations, all with six-speed automatic transmission. For the SW4 utility, three other options were adopted in single version – five- and seven-seater SR with automatic transmission and a five-seater with manual transmission, aimed only at direct sales, all with 4×2 traction. The introduction of the 2.7 Dual VVT-i Flex engine complements the new Hilux diesel line, launched in November 2015, and the new SW4 introduced in February of this year. With the addition of variable valve dual-control technology (Dual VVT-i), the vehicles achieved superior performance over the previous generation of flex-fuel engine . For the Flex 2017 line, both Hilux and SW4 followed the evolution presented in the diesel versions, acquiring the revolutionary attributes of their respective New Generations, which combine brand new design with a high level of embedded technology, enhancing interior sophistication and enhancing comfort for all occupants. These recent innovations were the main responsible for the resumption of the brand to the leadership of the segments of pickups and average SUVs national. The Flex 2017 line of Hilux and SW4 will be available in the network of dealerships of the brand throughout Brazil from August 4, at prices ranging from R $ 111,700 to R $ 131,200 for Hilux and from R $ 159,600 to R $ 164,900 for SW4. The direct sales version of SW4 with manual transmission is priced at $ 146,550.

Versions and Main Equipment

Hilux – The new Hilux Flex 2017 pickup will be offered in three dual cabin versions: SRV with 4×4 traction, SRV 4×2 and SR of 4×2 traction. All are equipped with a six-speed sequential automatic transmission, making the Hilux the only option in the Flex pick-ups segment available with automatic transmission. The SR 4×2 Flex entry version includes: manual air-conditioning, driver’s seat with distance adjustment, tilt and height, steering column with height and depth adjustment, knife-type switch, monochrome on-board computer, control cruise control, progressive power steering, halogen headlamp with manual leveling, front fog lights, ECO and Power driving modes, bucket protector, black exterior rear view mirror with power steering and indicator, alloy wheels 17-inch Toyota Multimedia System with 7.0-inch touchscreen screenwith integrated navigation system (GPS), integrated video entertainment system with digital TV and DVD player, radio with CD / MP3 player, rear camera, Bluetooth, USB and AUX connection, four speakers, integrated controls, front airbags , knee airbag (for driver), ABS brakes with EBD, perimetric alarm system and universal system for ISOFIX child seat. The SRV 4×4 and SRV 4×2 versions incorporate all related items in the SR model, plus automatic / digital air-conditioning with central air outlet for the rear seats, driver’s seat with electric distance, tilt and height adjustment, TFT 4.2-inch TFT screen, black color side brakes, chrome exterior mirror, leather seat covers and synthetic material, six speakers, Trailer Assistant (TSC), Ascent Assistant (HAC), Electronic Stability Control VSC), Electronic Traction Control (A-TRC) and volumetric alarm system. SW4 – the new Flex line of SW4 sports utility comes to the Brazilian market with two options: SR 4×2 five seat and SR 4×2 seven seats, with a renewed and increased list of standard equipment. For both versions, there is steering column with height and depth regulation and monochrome onboard computer. To these new features, the exclusive Toyota Play Multimedia System with 7.0-inch touchscreen display , integrated navigation system (GPS), integrated video entertainment system with digital TV and DVD player, radio with CD Player / MP3, rear-facing camera, Bluetooth, USB and AUX connection and six speakers. On the steering wheel, both settings have integrated phone, audio, video and on-board computer commands, making steering even safer and more enjoyable. The SW4 Flex 2017 line is also equipped with integrated analogue air conditioning, which operates on all rows of seats, including specific outputs for the second and third (for the seven-seat version), with seat intensity adjustment capability comfort for all passengers.

New Motors and Performance

The new Dual VVT-i Flex 2.7 16V DOHC engine, common in the flex versions of Hilux and SW4, has been specially designed for the Brazilian market. The main highlight is the adoption of dual-valve variable-valve technology (Dual VVT-i), which operates in the management of the intake and exhaust systems of the combustion chamber, optimizing the fuel combustion in an intelligent way, in addition to the addition of the system cold, eliminating the need for auxiliary sub-tank, reflecting better performance. Another enhancement of the new engine is its 7% gain in fuel efficiency. The flex versions of the average pickup and SUV feature 163 hp at 5,000 rpm when fueled with ethanol and 159 hp at 5,000 rpm with gasoline. The maximum torque is 245 Nm (with alcohol and petrol), always at 4,000 rpm. The propeller, which exhibits the perfect combination of performance and durability, has achieved improvements aimed at delivering a harmonious set, providing more torque in any rotation range, greater fuel economy and lower emission of pollutants. For this, there was a reduction in the weight of rockers, seals and springs, besides a restructuring in the formats of the combustion chamber and the fuel inlet.


Versions of the Hilux and SW4 Flex 2017 lines feature a new six-speed sequential automatic transmission with electronic control (Super ECT), while the SW4 SR 4×2 features a five-speed manual transmission. This transmission is designed to take full advantage of the engine. The range of ratios is wider and achieves better acceleration in first gear, as well as reducing fuel consumption on the sixth, slowing down the engine. The system is able to tailor the performance of the vehicle to the driving style, terrain inclination and load level, while achieving performance and durability. On performance technology, it features ECO steering modes, for smoother driving, fuel efficient, and POWER, which ensures a more volkswagen car covers thrilling and sporting ride.

External Design

Hilux – Following the line of renewal introduced in its diesel versions, with a strong and emotional design, the new Hilux Flex combines the strength and functionality required, with beauty and elegance desired for everyday use. The front shows contrast between the sturdy bumper and the narrow chrome front grille, which give the impression of being fused to headlights, forming a single piece. The large mudguards, responsible for transmitting the strong appearance to the image of the car, are now part of the body of the body, forming an expressive movement on the sides of the upper grid, which descend through the lower air intake, creating a trapezoidal design. The SR and SRV dual-fuel versions feature the body-colored door opener. On the hood, the piece has been well-marked creases and is sharper, forming a perfect junction with the front grille and the front optical assembly. The rear design completes the elegant and strong front and side assembly. Highlight for the new graphics of the vertical lanterns. The bumper is designed to improve accessibility to the bucket, and is chrome plated on all flex versions . The shape of the new Hilux roof has two creases that help direct the air passage out of the hopper area, making the vehicle more stable.

SW4 – The new generation of SW4 has started, since February 2016, with the launch of the diesel line, own identity of an SUV, according to its history and reputation. By taking off its image derived from a pick-up (Hilux), the sport utility coupled innovation with a delicate touch of refinement, which fused elegance and sophistication to the Toyota DNA of Quality, Durability and Reliability. At the front, the chrome grille adopts a continuous base along the headlights with halogen lights, with ‘Follow me Home’ system, giving the vehicle a modern look. The bumper adopts a well-defined three-dimensional shape with chrome frames, giving depth to the fog lights. The sculpted surfaces of the front and rear bumper are highlighted by an axle that connects to every side of the SUV. The sills, rear-view mirrors with electric folding, as well as the internal and ignition light aim to facilitate access to the vehicle. In the rear angle, the headlights trace a continuous line through the luggage compartment, complemented by the chrome frame. The rear fog lights have been incorporated into the bumper, enhancing safety with a refined aesthetic touch. The rear spoiler , the roof rails and the shark fin aerial give the car a sense of sportiness in providing better aerodynamic performance.

Internal Finish

Hilux – The fully redefined internal design follows the concept of strength and emotion, integrating the reliability and functionality required for a pick-up. In the SRV Flex version, a horizontal metal frieze crosses the instrument panel from end to end, integrating the information zones (instrument panel) and operation – air-conditioning controls and the sound and navigation system. This item, along with other details, such as the blue lighting of the instrument panel, creates an elegant and functional atmosphere. With an excellent blend of grip and unique functionality, the new steering wheel is distinguished by its thickness, giving the driver the correct grip, and by accessing the volume and phone controls, present in all versions from SR. Chromed door handles enhance the interior look. SW4 – Sophisticated, elegant and functional, the new Toyota SW4 Flex brings the true interior of an SUV, with the quality taken to the smallest details. Highlighted by the lowering of the central panel, supported by columns made of soft materials to the touch, which support the legs of the driver and passenger. In addition, they guarantee a new distribution of equipment, aiming at a better driving experience. The refined touch of finishing materials, with fabric details, is everywhere. The seats are covered by the new premium dark brown fabric. In relation to the rear seats, the second row comes with 60/40 folding seat, armrest in the central position, double cup holder and tilt of the backrest with longitudinal position adjustment. To facilitate entry into the seats of the last row, the second and third rows (for the 7 seat version) have a new one touch folding system, which lessens the user’s effort. In the third row, the backrests were held vertically to increase the vehicle’s full load capacity and further enhance its functionality.

New Chassis Structure and Suspension

The new Hilux and SW4 are based on their strengths the chassis they share. After several studies, Toyota’s engineering stiffened its structure by 20%, contributing to excellent stability, safety and also to comfort. The structure uses materials of high resistance and had, in some specific parts, increase of 3 mm in thickness, reinforced by the weld. The suspension was also strengthened, which added to the improvements made in the structure, increased the stiffness of the vehicles as well as the durability under the most adverse conditions. In addition, high strength steel with excellent anticorrosion properties was used, enhancing durability and improving steering precision. To provide more comfort and strength, the rear suspensions have been redesigned and reinforced to counteract the impacts of the floor. The change of attachment point ensures stability and safety and better absorb road vibrations, providing excellent stability and control on road and off-road.


This is a key point in all projects carried out by Toyota, always taking into consideration the improvement of the level of comfort and the pleasure in driving provided to Brazilian consumers. The concept of maximum safety has been transmitted integrally to the Hilux and SW4 models in their Flex lines. Hilux – Toyota’s average pick-up was approved in Latin NCAP’s independent safety tests, having achieved the top five-star rating for front and rear seat passengers, setting unprecedented safety parameters within its segment. In the 2017 line, the SR 4×2 dual- fuel version comes with ABS brakes with electronic distribution (EBD), three-point front and rear seat belts, front airbags (for driver and passenger) and one knee, plus eight safety locks, immobilizer by electronic code in the key and perimeter alarm system. The version also receives ISOFIX system for securing a child seat in the rear seat. The SRV 4×2 and SRV 4×4 versions, in addition to all SR 4×2 versions, have Emergency Brake Assist (BAS), Electronic Stability Control (VSC), Electronic Traction Control (A-TRC), Trailer Assistant (TSC ) and Ascent Assistant (HAC), in addition to volumetric alarm system.

SW4 – The new generation of the mid-sized SUV also received top safety ratings on tests conducted by Latin NCAP. The Toyota model received five stars, the highest rating for both adult and child passengers, in the New Cars Assessment Program for Latin America and the Caribbean. The test evaluates the safety provided to vehicle occupants in a collision simulation. The five-seat and seven-seat Flex SR 4×2 versions, as well as diesel, list a number of systems to give the driver and occupants complete peace of mind on any terrain. Included in the safety features of this Flex version are: ABS brakes with electronic distribution (EBD), Emergency Brake Assist (BAS), Electronic Traction Control (A-TRC), Electronic Stability Control (VSC), (TSC) and Ascent (HAC), three airbags , two front (driver and passenger) and one for knee (driver), six safety straps, front and rear head restraints with height adjustment , three-point front seat belts with height adjustment, pre-tensioner and power limiter, and three-point belts in the second row of seats (also included in the third row in the seven-seat version).


Toyota has a line of accessories composed of about 150 items that meet the most different tastes and needs. In the specific case of the new Hilux and SW4, there are about 70 genuine products developed with the standard of quality and safety of the brand. More than that, they were designed to perfectly fit the sophisticated design lines of the cars and to ensure even more comfort and practicality. The new Hilux Flex 2017 has three options of Santanton, roof top, bumper cover, sill, chromed exhaust tip, roof cross bars, courtesy light on the floor etc. The new SW4 Flex 2017 also features a head-up display , chrome plated lid on the trunk lid, tablet holder, trunk organizer and more.

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